Statement APIMONDIA Daejeon

25.09.2015 14:32:12
Svetovni dan čebel

In Daejeon, South Korea International beekeeping congress Apimondia 2015 is taken place. Apimondia Beekeeper´s Associations´ gathers together beekeepers and scientist from 125 beekeeping's associations from 86 Countries. The initiative of Slovenian Beekeepers' Association for May 20 to be World Bee Day was introduced on Apimondia General Assembly on September 16, and delegates with great pleasure strongly accepted.
Dejan Židan, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia in position of Vice-President of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and on its behalf expressed his commitment that Slovenia will strive for the proclamation of a World Bee Day by United Nations. He believes that international cooperation in particular strengthening our common care for the bees, would contribute to achieving better results in the protection of bees and beekeeping development.
Boštjan Noč, president of Slovenian Beekeepers Association as proposer of the initiative said that September 16 will be forever written in beekeeping history, as the day that beekeepers from all over the world supported the initiative of Slovenian Beekeepers Association, than to the United Nations send the proposal that May 20 will declare a World Bee Day. May 20, a day when Anton Janša (Slovenija), pioneer of modern beekeeping was born. May is in the northern hemisphere is the month with the greatest activity in the growth of bees when the number of bee colonies increases to such an extent that the colonies swarm, which is their natural way of reproduction, and pollination is at its maximum. In the southern hemisphere it is the time for harvesting products, and thus the days and weeks of honey production is at its peak.
No bees no pollination, no bees, no food…no bees no life. It is appropriate to declare the May 20 to be a World Bee Day to remember the importance of bees. Beekeepers from all over the world let's celebrate this day, bees for sure earn it.
Gilles Rattia, President of the Apimondia, said, “that is time that our politicians will be aware of importance of bees for agriculture and would like to congratulate to Slovenia, member of Apimondia, for excellent initiative to proclaim the World Bee Day. Future generation will be grateful that”.
Phillip McCabe, incoming president of Apimondia, would like to congratulated to Slovenian Beekeepers Association for this wonderful initiative, which is unique in the Apimondia history. Bees are very important for a mankind, at the moment we are dealing with too many bee colonies losses worldwide.
We are delighted to announce that the government of Slovenia are in full support to proclaim the May 20, to be World Bee Day. Apimondia too are in one with our Slovenian members in this great initiative.
Daejeon, 18. 9.2015