International Beekeeping Photography Competition 2021

12.04.2021 13:58:08
The assessment panel (Brane Borštnik, Franc Šivic, Nataša Lilek, Marko Borko) has assessed the photos in subject categories: 1. Honeybee and the World of Plants; 2. The Life, Biology and Health of Bees; 3. Honeybee Products and the Work of a Beekeeper; 4. Dwellings of Bees, Traditional or Modern Bee House / Bee Yard; 5. Pollinators – World Bee Day; 6. Historical beekeeping photography according to the predefined criteria (1. Expressiveness, 2. Originality, 3. Technical design, 4. Aesthetics, 5. Bee race (Apis mellifera carnica). An additional criterion applies to the Traditional or modern Bee House / Bee Yard subject category: 6. Orderly appearance of the bee house / beehives and the surroundings).
You can view the video of the announcement >>> HERE (beginning at 1h57'40'', 1 hour 57 minutes and 40 second)
The panel has nominated three best pictures from each of the subject categories and amongst those chose three winning pictures for gold, silver, and bronze certificate.
Some statistics of the International Beekeeping Photography Competition. We have received 1001 pictures from 183 participating authors that come from 27 different countries.
Overview of the participants by country:
114 - Slovenia
16 - Latvia
10 - Slovakia
7 - Czechia
6 - USA
3 - Belarus, Russia
2 - Croatia, Ireland, Germany, Serbia
1 - Austria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, India, Italy, Canada, Columbia, Hungary, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Ukraine, Uruguay
Honorary mention for quality photos goes to the following authors: Mia Anžur, Slovenia, Ana Bergant, Slovenia, Silvo Božičko, Slovenia, Alja Brejc, Slovenia, Dolores Čuš, Slovenia, Dhananjay Divekar, India, Jernej Dolničar, Slovenia, Maša Drobnič, Slovenia, Žan Eržen, Slovenia, Dušan Gajšek, Slovenia, Ján  Gašperík, Slovakia, Andreja Georgiev, Slovenia, Aneja Jesenek Rojšek, Slovenia, Lara Jošt, Slovenia, Marjeta Juvan, Slovenia, Lea Kolednik Finšgar, Slovenia, Iztok Končina, Slovenia, Sonja Kostevc, Slovenia, Nejc Kovač, Slovenia, Eva Križnik, Slovenia, Urša Krvina, Slovenia, Jakob Kurinčič, Slovenia, Luka Malenšek, Slovenia, Matic Mankuč, Slovenia, Milan S. Matejić, Serbia, Amy L. Musante, USA, Claudia Pavon, Canada, Il’šat Rišatovič Asmandijarov, Russia, Janez Rogelj, Slovenia, Jan Rojc, Slovenia, Tatiana Senchuk, Ukraine, Meldra Tiltina, Austria, Michelle Törnar, Slovenia, Vera Zitāne, Latvia, Jure Zorman, Slovenia.
The nominees in each of the subject categories are.
1. Honey Bee and the World of Plants (in alphabetical order of last name)
Hans Bahmer, Germany
Josef Permedla, Czechia
József Sebestyén, Hungary 
2. The Life and Health of Bees (in alphabetical order of last name)
Vinko Dolinar, Slovenia
Daniel Ondruš, Slovakia
Primož Predalič, Slovenia 
3. Honeybee Products and the Work of a Beekeeper (in alphabetical order of last name)
Evgeny Andreevich Starchevsky, Russia
Evgeny Andreevich Starchevsky, Russia
Eva, Lavbič, Slovenia 
4. Dwellings of Bees, Traditional or Modern Bee House / Bee Yard (in alphabetical order of last name)
Nejc Juvan, Slovenia
Milan Motyka, Czechia
Evgeny Andreevich Starchevsky, Russia 
5. Pollinators – World Bee Day (in alphabetical order of last name)
Hans Bahmer, Germany
Sara Juvan Zupančič, Slovenia
Kathleen Madigan, USA 
6. Historical beekeeping photography (in alphabetical order of last name)
Mojca Koban Dobnik, Slovenia
Binca Lomšek, Slovenia
George Edward Tselitans, Latvia 

Bronze Certificate goes to: Daniel Ondruš, Slovakia.
Silver Certificate goes to: Hans Bahmer, Germany.
Gold Certificate goes to: Josef Permedla, Czechia.

Congratulations to winning photographers, all the nominees as well as all the photographers who participated. We inivite you all to participate in the next Photo Competition 2022.