Seventh International Beekeeping Photography Competition

22.12.2020 15:47:00
We invite you to participate in the seventh international beekeeping photography competition.
This year, the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association is organizing it in cooperation with the Municipality of Ivančna Gorica, as in 2021 the House of the Carniolan Bee will come to life in Višnja Gora, Slovenia, part of which will also be a museum with a permanent exhibition on the Carniolan bee. Fans of beekeeping photography are invited to participate in the competition and thus to co-create a museum exhibition. The best photographs, selected according to the criteria of expressiveness, originality, technical perfection, and aesthetics, will be exhibited at the permanent exhibition in the House of the Carniolan Bee or included in the photo collection of the museum. Any natural person of any nationality may participate in the competition by submitting their own photographs.

The competition includes five thematic sections and a special sixth thematic set:
1. Honeybee and the World of Plants
Photographs of bees on flowers, plants, in front of the apiary, in flight with pollen on legs and hairs, bees collecting nectar and manna, photos of honey plants - spruce, linden, chestnut, willow, wild cherry, Shasta daisy, meadow sage, white clover, etc.
2. The Life, Biology and Health of Bees
Photographs from the whole lifecycle of bees and honeybee colony, of each of the member of a colony (queens, workers, drones) and their behaviour and roles, as of the whole honeybee colony as a super organism, photographs of bees showing parts of the body, bees on the honeycomb, bee nests in the wild, bees in the seasons: in the winter cluster, swarming, robbery, mating, exchange of nectar, and disease states, symptoms, etc.
3. Honeybee Products and the Work of a Beekeeper
Photographs of all bee products in the hive or in the production phase and in the processing phase or in the final packaging or in serving, consumption, apitherapy (honey, propolis, royal jelly, wax, bee venom), bee products, mixtures of bee products, honey drinks, lect and gingerbread products, beeswax products, photos of the beekeeper at work throughout the beekeeping season, with various beekeeping tools and equipment and in interactions with bees, photographs of beekeepers with a swarm of bees on their chin or in their hands, transporting bees to pasture, urban beekeeping.
4. Dwellings of Bees, Traditional or Modern Bee House / Bee Yard
Photographs of stands or hives and beehives from outside and inside, in different seasons or parts of the day, bees in front of the hive and apiary, different types of beehives, landscape with beehive, beautiful, special, and old beehives or interesting beehives, beehives with painted hive fronts, interesting hive fronts, beekeeping and bee dwellings around the world.
5. Pollinators – World Bee Day
Photographs of various pollinators, bumblebees, solitary bees, and photographs of various subspecies of honeybees: Carniolan bee, Italian bee, Macedonian bee, Sicilian bee, Greek bee, dark bee, etc.
This year we have a special subject category.
6. Historical beekeeping photography
Quality reproductions (photo or scan) of historical photographs, images, pictures with beekeeping content.
An author may participate in one or several categories. For each subject category, the author may submit no more than 3 photographs, colour or black and white photographs (300 dpi or more). Every photograph must include an ID number, title, subject category name, and the year in which it was taken. The photographs submitted for Dwellings of Bees, Traditional or Modern Bee House / Bee Yard subject category must include information on the owner of the bee house / bee yard.
The photographs should be sent by e-mail to the address: “marko . borko at czs . si” or by registered mail on the data storage devices to the following address: Čebelarska zveza Slovenije, Brdo pri Lukovici 8, 1225 Lukovica, Slovenia, with a post scriptum "Photography Competition 2021". All data storage devices received will not be returned to senders. All photographs submitted must include information on the author (first and last name, address, country, telephone number, e-mail address).
The photographs shall be assessed by the panel according to the predefined criteria: Expressiveness, Originality, Technical design, Aesthetics. An additional criterion applies to the Dwellings of Bees, Traditional or Modern Bee House / Bee Yard subject category: Orderly appearance of the bee house / beehives and the surroundings. The photograph authors shall be anonymized prior to assessment. For each subject category, the panel will nominate three authors with the best photographs. The best photographs’ authors shall be awarded the gold, silver, and bronze certificate, respectively. The competition winners will receive an award and the applicable certificate. Every nominee will receive a certificate of nomination. Every participant will receive a certificate of participation.
Photograph submission deadline is 27th of February 2021. The award ceremony will be expectedly held at the ApiSlovenia 2021 Fair on Sunday, 11th of April 2021, in Celje, Slovenia. All photographs nominated will expectedly be displayed at the ApiSlovenia 2021 Fair in Celje, Slovenia, from 10 to 11 April 2021.
For detailed information, please contact Mr. Marko Borko at marko . borko @ czs . si or per mobile phone: +386 51 637 204.


Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association and the Municipality of Ivančna Gorica – House of the Carniolan Bee